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Transform your cap table management with Capfolio

Capfolio provides a comprehensive cap table management tool that streamlines equity, ownership structure, and shareholder value.

Our Story

The idea of Capfolio was born from our founder's own experiences and observations of other businesses struggling with cap table management.

By applying his engineering expertise and collaborating with industry professionals in accounting, finance, and compliance, our team developed Capfolio — a solution designed to tackle the challenges head-on.

From the initial concept to the final product, we have been dedicated to creating a comprehensive, reliable, and user-friendly platform that simplifies cap table management for businesses of all sizes.





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At Capfolio, we’re leveraging our unique experiences to simplify the founder’s journey


Product Journey

Our journey with Capfolio began when we identified a gap in the startup landscape. The ecosystem was complex to navigate; existing tools were either too complex, too simplistic, or too expensive. We knew there had to be a better way

We committed ourselves to develop a solution that would alleviate these pain points. Capfolio was designed to provide startups with a more streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective solution for cap table management and investor communication.

Since then, Capfolio has grown and evolved. We’ve listened closely to feedback from our users and continuously improved our platform to better meet their needs. Despite this growth, our mission remains the same: to simplify cap table management and empower startups to focus on their core mission. We’re excited for the future as we continue to develop Capfolio and support the growth of startups worldwide.

Founders background

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Anees Iqbal

Founder | CEO

Capfolio is founded by an Engineer-turned founder with a passion for solving complex challenges faced by businesses. Through his extensive engineering and technology leadership experience, he recognized the need for a solution that would allow the founders to focus on their core problem instead of getting distracted by operations

His commitment to problem-solving and excellence, combined with his ability to build strong, diverse teams, has been the driving force behind Capfolio's development

Future roadmap

Capfolio's journey is one of continuous improvement and innovation. We are dedicated to providing ongoing value to our customers and making a positive impact on the environment

Our future plans include expanding our product offerings, refining our solution, and staying up-to-date with industry trends and regulatory requirements

By doing so, we aim to become the go-to cap table management solution for growing business


🚀 Cap Table solution

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🕐 Investor Communications

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📔 Fundraising modelling

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🚀 409a valuations

Our Values and Priorities

Our core values that we live and breathe everyday.

Security is our top priority

In everything we do, the security of our platform and the data we guard is THE number one priority. That’s why we encrypt your data with military-grade encryption in-transit and at-rest.

We care for environment

We believe in climate change and the responsibility of today’s businesses in helping reduce its impact. That’s why we plant a tree for every customer that signs up.

Efficiency in Excellence

We believe the best results come from working smarter, not just harder. Our solutions are built with this philosophy, helping your business achieve great outcomes with less effort.

Empathy at Our Core

As a startup ourselves, we understand the struggle and approach every interaction with empathy. We treat our customers as we would want to be treated, and believe in the power of compassion to drive a better customer experience.

Meet our talented team

Our team is comprised of talented professionals with diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise.

From engineering and design to a marketing, we have the skills and experience needed to deliver top-notch products and services to our customers.

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Qasim Ahmed

Software Engineer

Qasim Ahmed is a seasoned technologist with a diverse background. Initially a martial arts instructor, Qasim pivoted to technology, earning a Computer Science degree and gold medal. His experience spans from Android development to Data Science and Javascript. At Capfolio, Qasim's leadership, agility, and innovative thinking, honed in high-growth startups, propel our mission to simplify equity management for businesses. His journey reflects his adaptability and relentless pursuit of growth.

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Muhammad Javed

Software Engineer

Javed Ali, our Frontend Software Engineer, brings over three years of professional experience in the technology industry. A graduate in Computer Science, Javed commenced his career as a Full-stack Developer, specializing in ROR and React, before pivoting to solely focus on frontend development. His dedication and expertise in React make him instrumental in shaping the user-friendly interface of Capfolio. Outside of work, Javed enjoys gaming, reading, and hiking, activities that keep him constantly curious and open to new ideas.

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Uzair Ahmed

Product Designer

Uzair Khan, our Product Designer, is an adept technology enthusiast with over six years of experience in the field of design. An alumnus with a degree in Computer Science, Uzair's extensive work history includes roles at reputable firms. He has an impressive track record of transforming ideas into visually stunning and functional designs, making him an invaluable part of the Capfolio team. In addition to his keen interest in technology and sports, Uzair is an outdoor lover who enjoys cricket, badminton, table tennis, hiking, and cycling.

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